A Global Team for a Global Platform

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Umojo is building out its global reach rapidly installing infrastructure and partner support organizations across the globe with our aim to have a foot print in all major industrialized markets in the next three years. From our headquarters in Chicago our journey to date has been one of technical innovation combined with best in class service delivery providing innovative complex and mission critical IOT solutions in verticals such as automotive, retail and healthcare. Our Xiotx platform is rapidly becoming the benchmark for the construction delivery and management of integrated unified communications and internet of things devices. Our objectives are ambitious our plans realistic and our comprehension and execution of opportunity presented this exciting phase in the webs evolution are based upon the strength and experience in our executive team.

Our Executive Team

Rick Neubauer

Founder and CEO

Rick is an entrepreneur, innovator and highly skilled software architect with 20 years' experience in the Telecom, Networking, and VoIP markets. With a passion for the evolving world of IOT Rick is well respected within the IT industry, a high profile contributor within the Microsoft partner eco system and the driving force behind the Umojo IOTX platform

Chris Baldock


Chris is an experienced successful business leader of information technology organisations, on a global scale. An engineer with a progressive career that has culminated in high profile MD and Chairman Roles. Chris is built several high growth organisations and is instrumental within umojo in ensuring our governance and infrastructure keeps pace with our growth.

Mark Herbert

Vice President European Operations

Well known throughout the European Cloud Computing industry, Mark, is respected as a luminary with a clear vision of the evolving IOT sector and best placed to spot and exploit opportunities. Mark is the architect behind several technology start-up companies, winning multiple business growth and channel awards.

Chris Baldock

Vice President US Operations

Kevin is a graduate in finance from University of Wisconsin. Kevin was the founder of KLR Trade Corp., a Market Maker group at the CBOE in Chicago from 1989-2006 Kevin has been on the Umojo team from the start and has been at the forefront of building the internal management systems and controls that give Umojo strong governance and scalability.